BIS #6346 Don Bosco Chhotaudepur COVID-19 2nd wave outreach

by Cleric Sanket Chauhan for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Chhotaudepur Lok Seva Kendra [LSK] began an intensive COVID-19 awareness drive to inform and assist the rural indigenous people undertake appropriate safety and sanitation measures. The awareness promoting testing and vaccination started from 24 April 2021. COVID-19 awareness pamphlets from the ChhotaudepurDistrict Health Department designed to create awareness and overcome the fear of being/becoming vaccine victims, were distributed. LSK with District Health Officer Dr. Neha Bhutt and Rajpipla Jesuit priest Father Stanny Pinto covered 144 villages in Chhotaudepur Taluka, reaching out to 5000 villagers, as of 09 June 2021. This awareness ensured that 625 of the 45+ and 541 of the 18+ category were vaccinated.

Likewise, LSK in collaboration with the Chhotaudepur District Ayurvedic Department, ventured forth to strengthen the immunity of the tribal poor. Immunity booster materials were procured from the District Ayurvedic Office for 1500 families. Between 29-31 May 2021, the materials were mixed and prepared by the LSK team as per guidelines of Dr. Parul Vasava. From 01 June 2021, the immunity-booster kits were distributed to all the identified vulnerable needy 1500 families. These immunity-kits consist of capusules [mixture of haritaki, bibhitaka, amalaki, kirantika, haridra, nimba, guduchi and neem] to be consumed once a day, with plain hot water or black tea. The other natural herb-ingredients, part of the 07-day immunity-kit are: chauti kateli, badi kateli, shalparni, prusparni, bili chhal, shivan chhal, shyonak chhal, arni chhal, gokharu panchang and patla. The LSK team is committed towards building the health and nutrition quotient of the tribal poor, especially the most needy.