BIS #6241 St. Joseph's Wadala celebrates Christmas via Microsoft Teams

by Placida deSequeira Nazareth for BISMumbai

St. Joseph's High School Wadala had its Christmas celebration on 22 December 2020 via Microsoft Teams, to spread the message of love, as Christmas is all about forgetting oneself and finding time for others, in a spirit of sharing and caring. A week filled with activities such as eco-friendly card-making, Christmassy headgear and the fancy-dress, ushered in Christmas, culminating with the live-streaming of the Christmas symposium.

Imbued with the spirit of the blessed season, the teachers and students did their best, in the given circumstances, to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in the true spirit of Christmas. The significance of the feast was presented to the audience through a beautiful tableau. An apt prayer service conducted by the teachers, seeking God grace during the season and for the forthcoming New Year, set the tone for the celebrations. Christmas hymns, carols, dances and many more activities were part of the festive atmosphere. The singing of classes IX and X; the enthralling dance performance of classes V and VI added to the gaiety Games - the virtual way - also added to the camaraderie, with the spirit of sharing and caring witnessed, through students went around doing 'acts of charity' for the lesser privileged of society, distributing clothes, food-packets and provisions.

Father Lawrence D'Souza, the chief guest spoke about putting Christ back into Christmas. Principal and Headmistress-Sangita Bhattacharya, proposed the vote of thanks, wishing all the blessings of the sacred season and a prosperous New Year. Teachers - Lloyd, Jennifer, Emelia, Smita, Seema, Pavita, Avinash and Placida - spectacularly coordinated the 01-hour programme, to ensure that this Christmas ends 2020 on a cheerful note, making way for a fresh and bright New Year 2021.