by Father Blany Pinto for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Apostolic and Aspirantate Facility at Lonavla is a place of vocational animation, mentoring, discernment, and accompaniment. Each year many young boys desirous of following Christ the Don Bosco way make an application to join and post-selection, have a lived experience in the company of the Salesians of Don Bosco. After their experience at Don Bosco Lonavla they proceed to Don Bosco Loutolim for their Pre-Novitiate. BISMumbai Interview Series with Mumbai Salesians' pre-novices continues with interview 05 featuring Ankit Ganava

Ankit, could share what are your favourite things, likes, hobbies, sports, etc. ?

I Like to play basketball and when I have free time , I like to tteach others art and craft work. I like painting, decorating things and doing craft work. My hobby is to learn new musical instruments. I like to listen to religious songs. I don’t watch movies and I don’t like heroes

Share something about your family?

I love my family very much. They help me to grow good and they have taught me good manners and how to respect others . By listening to the word family a lot of things/memories come up in my mind: a sweet home, caring, love, respect, comfort, etc.

Why Don Bosco and DBLnl? What makes you go ahead to the PNC?

When I met my uncle Father Ashwin Mal, he introduced me to Don Bosco and to the Salesian way of living and working for the young. Then I decided to join Don Bosco Lonavla. I am inspired by the Salesian fathers and brothers the way they live in Don Bosco Lonavla. That makes me go ahead to PNC. I chose Don Bosco because It helps us to grow in a better way. I can help the poor and needy; to work with them is joy. Also I can inspire the youngsters, to care for them, and to motivate them .

Any favourite moment, experience or interactions at Lonavla?

My favourite moments in Don Bosco Lonavla were Marian Month, outings and matches with SDBs.

Any thoughts on what the Church needs to do today and the many challenges?

I think that the Church should pray for all the people and the people should pray for themselves, give up their sin. Nowadays many people are not praying, they are only interested in earnings. Yes, there are a lot of challenges on the personal and other levels. When any difficulties will come, I will pray to God and he will show me the way.

Any particular quote or prayer or line or saying of DB that has struck you?

“ For you I study , for you I work , for you I live , for you I am ready even to give my life." This quote of Don Bosco struck me to be a Salesian

As you proceed ahead, any message for your companions after you?

Don Bosco Lonavla is a place of learning , sharing, exploring and evolving. It's a place to develop my own self into the person I am meant to be. So, learn from everyone.Thanks to the fathers, brothers, all my dear teachers, workers and friends.