BIS #6419 Shelter Don Bosco Nashik: a unique 'Raksha Bandhan'

by Father Roshan Gonsalves for BISMumbai

Raksha Bandhan was celebrated in an unique innovative way at Shelter Don Bosco, Nashik, with a meaningful theme 'Protect Trees, Save the Environment' in keeping with the DBYS 'Season of Creation' initiative.

The children made protection bands (Rakhis) and tied to the trees and plants, committing themselves to protect and care for the creation. The main goal was to create an awareness in the children of the importance of their relation (Bandhan) with nature and the urgency to protect it (Raksha).

Our planet is on the brink of destruction, it was a humble effort to create an awareness and instill in the young minds the practice of growing trees and continue to protect our Mother earth.