BIS #6457 Don Bosco Lonavla's 'a walk to remember'

by Swithin Mendis & Brother Aliester D'Souza for BISMumbai

The ‘Season of Creation: Nature Photography Competition’ was organised for the aspirants at Don Bosco Lonavla on 19 September 2021. A walk to Ashish Bhavan, the community of the FMA nuns at Kune, gave them an opportunity to showcase their talent with the camera.

The journey commenced with a prayer, at the grotto seeking the protection of our Blessed Mother on the activities of the day ahead. The boys set out in their respective teams, each guided by a Salesian. The beautiful scenery, villas, ponds, mountains and flowers made the journey mesmerising. The boys busied themselves clicking photographs for the competition. The nuns warmly welcomed everyone with generous hospitality. The boys then visited the Kune waterfalls. The view was indeed breathtaking. After a delicious lunch, games were organised.

After tea, Ashish Bhavan Superior-Sister Reshma, spoke about the mission of the community and how they cater to the people at Kune. Aspirantate President-Gladnick, then expressed words of gratitude to the nuns for their kind hospitality. After a short prayer, the aspirants visited the school and the boarding. Once again, the scenic beauty enroute, encouraged some photography and reel-making.

The day was tiring and amazing at the same time. The joy of being one with the beauty of nature is inexpressible.