BIS #6110 St. Joseph’s Wadala Dreams of Self-reliance on Independence Day

by Placida deSequiera Nazareth

The Independence Day celebrated on 15 August every year is marked as a National holiday in India, commemorating the Nation’s freedom from the 190 year-long British colonialism. The year 2020 witnessed and continues to live the many man-made and natural catastrophes, shattering human lives and the economy; but the patriotism of the Indians breezed past the existential reality without dampening their spirits, recalling the wake of freedom and their countrymen, who laid down their lives for a free India.

With the new normal that has put the Educational Institutions on the online forum, the staff and students of St. Joseph’s Wadala under the leadership of Head Mistress & Principal Sangita Bhattacharya, put together an online programme to mark the 74th Independence Day of the country. The entire Independence day programme was on the air for the participation of everyone.

The Chief Guest Smt. Bhattacharya did the honours by hoisting the National Flag and expressing her sentiments for the Nation. She accentuated the aspect of the nationalistic fervour being the driving force behind the development of the country. Quoting Albert Einstein, the German Physicist, she reiterated in his own words the contribution of the Indians in the field of Mathematics, without which no worthwhile scientific discoveries could be recorded to its precision. Priding herself as a citizen of this great Nation, she dreams of a new India which will accommodate all her fellow citizens with equity and equality, bridging the gap between the haves and the have nots, caring for the environment and the judicious use the natural resources, keeping the future generation in mind. She wound up by exhorting all to be self reliant during the pandemic and expressed her deepest gratitude to the forefront warriors, who continue to stake their lives for the good health of the Nation.

The entire cultural event was an assortment of patriotic songs, display of drawings, highlighting the significance of the National symbols, etc. The Independence day celebration at St. Joseph's Wadala was not complete without the SSC topper of the school, Master Amaan Ansari expressing his thanks to the teachers and the management, sharing with his friends the secret mantra for his success.

Thanks to the painstaking efforts of the supervisors Nagprabha Rao and teachers Matilda, Anjula Rai and Mamta Bale, the organizers of the event and to the Rector and Manager, Father James Nigrel, for his constant support and encouraging presence in all the endeavours of the school.