BIS #6621 Don Bosco Nerul Family Fun Day

by Cleric Rohan D'Souza for BISMumbai

The international calendar marks 15 May as the ‘Day of the Families’. Families play a crucial role in society as they form the basis of growth and development. They are the elements which inculcate the different values into life. In keeping with this spirit, the Community of Don Bosco Nerul celebrated the occasion by organising a Family Fun Day for the families who avail of our services.

The programme began at 4 pm with a few words from Father Barnabe D'Souza, Rector of the Institute. Following this, the families participated in fun games and activities. A spirit of enthusiasm and healthy competition surrounded the place. In addition to this, a duo-live band performed their music while people danced to their tunes. The event ended with a few final words from Father D'Souza. The event brought families closer and inculcated, in each person, more love and appreciation for their families.