BIS #6938 Summer Talent Show at DB Nerul

By Mr Jesuraja Joseph for BISMumbai 

On the evening of 19 May 2023, the community gathered at Don Bosco Nerul witnessed an awe-inspiring showcase of talent by the young oratory children. 

The summer talent show commenced with a solemn prayer, evoking a sense of unity and reverence among the attendees. Then the event unfolded with two children stepping forward to share their unforgettable experiences from the summer camp. Their words painted vivid pictures of joyous learning, adventure, and personal growth, leaving the audience captivated by their tales of exploration and discovery. A group of enthusiastic children eagerly recounted their journey through the world of Do-It-Yourself projects. The crowd listened in captivated attention to those budding artisans who proudly showcased their self-created masterpieces.

The enchantment continued to unfold as two talented girls took the spotlight, reciting heartfelt poems in English. Sharing the experience of learning to play chess, one of them exclaimed, “Under the guidance of our skilled coach, I delved into the world of chess, discovering a realm filled with fascinating tactics and strategies.” In a captivating display of skill and dexterity, a young boy showcased his mastery of the Rubik's cube, leaving the crowd awestruck by his lightning-fast manipulations of the colourful puzzle..

The program seamlessly transitioned into a mesmerizing combination of speech and dance. The children danced with graceful movements and spoke evocative words with artistic brilliance. Amidst the resounding applause and joyous cheers, the winners of the various competitions were presented with their prizes. The oratory children extended a heartfelt gesture of gratitude to the guests of honour by presenting them gifts - fashion jewellery, aromatic soaps, scented candles, and the very DIY objects they had skillfully crafted during the summer camp. The gifts served as tangible tokens of appreciation, conveying the children’s deep admiration and gratitude.

As the event drew to a close, the esteemed Chief Guest, Ms Manisha Lamba, a well-wisher and sponsor took the podium to address the gathered students. With wisdom and conviction in her voice, she emphasized, “The abundance of opportunities is bestowed upon you and so you should seize the possibilities and transform them into cherished achievements.” The occasion concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks, graciously proposed by Mr Mathew George, the senior coordinator of social work. The summer talent show had not only entertained but had also kindled a sense of wonder and aspiration. 

Don Bosco, Nerul, has long been hailed for its unwavering commitment to the welfare of the underprivileged and marginalized. And now, it catered to their intellectual aptitude along with art and cultural activities during this summer.