BIS #6391 SDB Wadala celebrates Ashadhi Ekadashi

by Brother Vishal Waghmare for BISMumbai

Shelter Don Bosco {[SDB] Wadala celebrated Ashadhi Ekadashi with an assembly on 20 July 2021. This celebration was part of educatin the boys to know and understand the importance of various religions and religious practices in India.

A few boys dressed in the traditional attire of the Varkari sampraday [community]. One dressed up as Sant Tukaram, chanted Vitthal Vitthal and gave a brief explanation about Ashadhi Ekadashi. Ashadhi Ekadashi is the Ekadashi or day 11 [of the lunar fortnight] of the month of Ashadh. This day is considered to be of religious and spiritual important in Maharashtra, celebrating the presiding deity 'Vitthal' at Pandharpur.

Other boys spoke about the family of Vithhal, stating how on this day millions of devotees from all corners of Maharashtra come to Pandharpur on foot [padyatra] and celebrate Ashadhi Ekadashi, chanting the name of Vitthal. This is the day when people walk from their hometowns to Pandharpur carrying the 'palkhi of Tukaram' and Dnynaeshwar’s footwear, to meet Vitthal.

As part of the assenbly, Bahinabai Chaudhari’s slokas were chanted and explained by 02 other boys. One dressed up as Ramdas Swami and presented an abhanga, as the devotees do on their way to Pandharpur. The assembly ended with a staff member explaining the importance and significance of this festival.