BIS #6905 Media Workshop at Divyadaan

By Cl. Mark Thyrniang for BISMumbai

A workshop in Photography and Techniques of Filmmaking was held for the First Year Students of Divyadaan: Salesian Institute of Philosophy, Nashik, from 23 to 25 February 2023. Mr Joy  Fernandes was the resource person for the programme. 15 Salesian Clerics and 3 Capuchin brothers participated in the workshop.

The course was introduced by Br Aliester D'Souza, the delegate for Social Communication of the Province, on 22 February, during which he gave a gist of the entire course and and spoke of the need to be rightly educated in the field of social communication. Referring to the mission of the Salesians, he also pointed out that it is high time for them to transition to the digital realm in order to evangelise and educate the young.

Drawing from his vast experience in the field of media and communication spanning over 20 years, Mr Fernandes blended theory with ample practical examples in the sessions. The brothers found it easy to understand difficult concepts thanks to the lucid manner in which the topics were presented.

Mr Fernandes began the workshop by teaching techniques of photography. He began with composition and went on to explain 10 types of photography aesthethics. He gave them a few tips on how to process photographs so that they look natural. He then asked the participants to narrate the story of their life at Divyadaan in 10 photographs using a combination of the various techniques learnt at the workshop. 

On 24 February, Mr Fernandes led the participants on the journey of filmmaking. Beginning from the art and the importance of storytelling, he gave them an overview of scripting, screenplay writing, videography, video editing and processing. The participants, curious and inquisitive, paid careful attention as they grappled with both the theory and the practice of the skills. Having divided them into groups, he tasked them to go through the process step by step. As he taught them a particular skill, he expected them to try to replicate the activity in their groups. 

Though constrained by time, Mr Fernandes did much justice to the incredible task of teaching the techniques of filmmaking in the course of just two days. Most of these skills are not acquired in a few hours: they have to be assimilated and practiced over a period of time. In the end, the participants came to admire the meticulous process of the film and television industry, and learnt to appreciate the work of countless unknown artists who are the backbone of this industry.

On the final day, the groups were given a task to produce a short film based on the  theme, 'Love Changes Everything', and at the end of the day the groups presented their films. All  the three films received much adulation from Mr Fernandes. He concluded  by encouraging the participants to develop the skills they have acquired especially the skill of storytelling.

Cl. Presley Andrade remarked: “This course had been really beneficial for me and now I would look at films more critically; my perspective has changed, and for that I am grateful.” Cl. Stephen Haruck said: “Through this course I have learnt the art of photography and camera  movements, but more especially the importance of team work.” 

The brothers will now use this newfound knowledge in order to enhance the social communication dimension in Divyadaan by spearheading the media cell of the community.