BIS #7045 Annual Recollection for Salesian Cooperators

By Ms Sudha Pillai for BISMumbai

The Salesian Cooperators of the Province of Bombay organised their annual recollection cum walking pilgrimage on 3 September 2023, at Auxillium Convent, Bandra. Around 70 participants belonging to the Salesian Family were present.

Fr Diego Nunes, the delegate for Salesian Cooperators of the Province, introduced the preacher, Fr Solomon Rapol. Fr Rapol’s theme for the recollection was the life based on the Blessed Trinity. He mentioned that giving a listening ear to Jesus will set one’s journey ahead in the right direction and also invited the gathering to develop an attitude like Mother Mary in accepting the Will of God. 

The Holy Eucharist was preceded by the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Fr Brian Moras celebrated the Eucharist along with Fr Nunes and Fr Donald Fernandez, the delegate of the Past Pupils. In his homily, Fr Moras reiterated the point in the Gospel that “those who want to save their lives will lose them, and those who lose their lives for God’s sake will find them.” He explained that when suffering comes into one’s life, it is better to fold that page of life and move on with renewed energy. Only in due time does God give the wisdom to understand the “whys” of life. 

Fr Nunes, in his address, said that Salesian Cooperators should be more spiritual, and he insisted that retreat and recollection should be the priority for every cooperator. He restated the call of Rector Major that everyone should come out of their comfort zone and institutionalism and reach out to the poor and marginalised. He urged that every Salesian unit take up at least one project for the coming year. 

After lunch, the participants readied themselves with the rosary and walked towards Mount Mary. Reciting the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet all along the journey was a sight for the onlookers and a witness of Christ for the participants. Year after year, Cooperators have been taking this walking pilgrimage in the month of September for the intentions of all the pilgrims who come for the prayers at Mount. It was really encouraging to see the elderly also walking and climbing the steps of the Mount with fervour. 

At the World Salesian Family Delegates Meet last year, it was advised that the various groups of the Salesian Family should have common moments of prayer and togetherness, rather than separate and distinct programmes. Additionally, the Salesian Cooperators seek to spend time in spiritual formation so as to be able to live out their vocation to the fullest.