BIS #6168 DEEP Don Bosco Dakor 'tree plantation' a success

by Father Ajay Shelke with Father Pravin Makwana for BISMumbai

DEEP Don Bosco Dakor organized a tree plantation drive through its SHGs, with 300 plants planted in 25 centres. DEEP Director Father Pravin Makwana oriented the field animators Sumitra Parmar, Saroj Khristi and Ashwin Vanakar on the importance of God’s creation saying, "it is our duty as human beings to sustain it by owning and caring for it. As we are already in a rural area and work with people who are simple villagers very close to nature, know the value of trees."

Trees are a part of their daily existence and the rural poor do not cut trees unnecessarily, since these sustain them in their livelihood. On occasions or events like wedding, feasts, building of houses, etc., in order to ease their financial burden, if there is no other recourse, only then after a prayer-ritual are trees cut. However, they also plant trees for future emergencies.

DEEP field animators encouraged the villagers to plant at least 01 tree of their choice either in their field or in the vicinity of their houses or in a public place. The villagers animated by DEEP have thus planted neem, mango, ashoka, moringa, guava, pomegranates, jamun, chikku, mulberry, and other flowering plants.