BIS #7163 Exploring the Cosmos at DBHS Matunga

By Mr Shailendra Mishra for BISMumbai

On the evening of 28 February 2024, Don Bosco High School, Matunga, hosted its inaugural Sky Watching Activity, marking National Science Day and honouring the legacy of Sir C.V. Raman. 80 students from Grade 9 participated in this activity thus transforming the school terrace into an observatory of celestial wonder.

The session commenced with an introduction to telescopes by Dr Abhishek Chitnis and Professor Ganesh Madkaikar from the Astronomy and Space Science Centre with the students unravelling the intricacies of optical instruments, exploring concepts such as primary and secondary mirrors, magnification, and finder scopes. Through hands-on demonstrations, the theoretical became tangible, igniting a spark of scientific inquiry in the minds of the stargazers. 

Venturing beyond the confines of Earth, the students navigated the night sky with excitement. The highlight of the evening was the sighting of Jupiter and its entourage of moons, a sight that left the young astronomers in awe and wonder. Through the telescope, the students observed Jupiter and its four satellites (Ganymede, Io, Europa, and Callisto). As Betelgeuse, a luminous red giant, was seen, students marvelled at the intricate dance of light and energy unfolding millions of light-years away. The session concluded with awe and inspiration, as students departed with a deeper understanding of the universe and their place within it.

“The information given by the resource persons was new. Observation through the telescope was a miracle for us. We hadn't seen a planet with our eyes. It was a new experience for me.” exclaimed one of the students, Sahil Gupta. Another student, Zeus Morena, said that to boost knowledge about space, the resource persons showed them how to assemble a telescope. It was a wonderful space program and they would like to thank the school for hosting such a beautiful program.

The students deeply relished this session which nurtured their scientific curiosity and fostered a love for discovery that goes beyond the boundaries of space and time.