BIS #6465 Don Bosco Nerul celebrates Migrants' Day at Taloja

by Cleric Rohan D'Souza for BISMumbai

The pandemic has affected millions of people taking away lives and resources. The most affected were the migrant community by this entire disaster. Being a witness to their plight we have been on the streets reaching out to this community in so many ways. And now with the receding effects of the pandemic, it is only justified to celebrate the struggles of this community by celebrating with them on 26 September, World Migrants Day. The outreach staff of Don Bosco Nerul, prepared a short programme for the migrant community at Taloja Sector 35-36.

The event began with a short explanation of the significance of occasion to the community. The purpose was to share in the relationship with the community, to understand them and help protect them by promoting them to achieve greatness. Games were held for the children and other interactions.

Being aware of how don Bosco worked for the young migrant of his city, a movie was screened for everyone based on the life of Don Bosco and his works for the young. The purpose of the film was to highlight how Don Bosco worked for the young, especially those away from home. It was to help the community understand the idea that, following the footsteps of Don Bosco, the purpose of the outreach is to help them wherever possible. Based on the movie, a small interaction was held to drive the point home. With a sharing of snacks with the people, the staff bid farewell to the community. It was a holistic experience for the staff and the community at Taloja.