BIS #7197 Retreat & Group Dynamics at Don Bosco Lonavla

By Savio Fernandes

The Aspirants at Don Bosco Lonavla had a two-day retreat and group dynamics over the weekend of 21 - 23 June 2024.  The retreat was animated by Mr Savio Fernandes, while Fr Chris Valentino sdb animated the Group Dynamics sessions. 

The theme of the retreat was "Understanding & Deepening our Relationship with God"

The first day of the retreat began in the evening (Friday) with the Eucharistic Adoration & a session introducing the Retreat.

The next 2 days had various interactive sessions and inputs on how to understand and deepen the relationship with God.  Besides the inputs, the Aspirants had the opportunity to avail the sacrament of reconciliation followed by an Adoration and inner healing service in the evening.

The final day of retreat focused on the importance of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  The scripture references to the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit were explained in detail. 

Eucharist was celebrated on both days of the retreat.

Mr Fernandes enjoyed animating the aspirants and said, "It was a good opportunity for me to meet and spend time with the aspirants individually. In my sharing with the Rector, I have suggested a few pointers for spiritual growth. " 

The group dynamics focused on the seven 'I' of groups: information, instruction, interaction, inclinations, implications,  introspection, and implementation. Fr Valentino guided the aspirants through the process with interactive activities and input. 

The wholesome outcome was the preparation of the annual personal plan by each aspirant using the SWOT Analysis model, which was offered up to the Lord during the concluding Eucharistic Adoration .