BIS #7024 Alumni Celebrate Don Bosco’s Birth Anniversary at Jyoti

By Fr Renold Lemos for BISMumbai

On 16 August 2023, the Vasai Unit of Don Bosco Past Pupils came together with a feeling of joy and gratitude to commemorate the 208th anniversary of the birth of St John Bosco at Jyoti Mata Church, Jyoti. The celebration was a testament to the enduring impact of Don Bosco’s legacy as well as a moment of gratitude and inspiration for those who have benefited from his educational system. A total of 35 alumni were present for the event.  

The celebration commenced with a solemn Eucharist in memory of St John Bosco, presided over by Fr William Falcao, the Local Delegate of the Past Pupils. Fr Falcao gave a poignant homily, delving into the profound significance of Don Bosco’s dream at the age of nine. He underscored the relevance of that dream in today’s world, highlighting how Don Bosco’s vision continues to guide and inspire people to become compassionate educators and caring individuals. 

A short programme organised for the past pupils followed thereafter. The past pupils had a symbolic cutting of the cake, with everyone singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to dearest Don Bosco. Following this joyful moment, membership cards were distributed among the registered past pupils, creating a sense of belonging and connection to the global Don Bosco family.  A quiz focused on Don Bosco’s life and teachings, as well as engaging party games organised by Fr Renold Lemos, filled the atmosphere with boisterous enthusiasm. The gathering was also an occasion for recognising and celebrating Mr Godfrey Gonsalves, a member of the Vasai Unit, who was elected as the Provincial Treasurer. 

Throughout the celebration, a prevailing sentiment of gratitude was palpable. The past pupils took this occasion to remember fondly the Salesians who dedicated their lives to nurturing and guiding them. Mr Alex Dabre shared, “The Salesian priests and brothers played an instrumental role in shaping our character, imparting knowledge, and instilling the values that continue to guide our lives.” The celebration culminated with a fellowship meal.

The Vasai Don Bosco Past Pupils Unit’s celebration of Don Bosco’s 208th Birth anniversary was not just a commemorative event; it was an affirmation of their collective responsibility to carry forward Don Bosco’s legacy.