BIS #6961 Commissioning of Catechists at Resurrection Parish, Virar

By Mr Jude Pinto for BISMumbai

The Resurrection Church in Virar East marked the beginning of a new year for its Sunday school on 25 June 2023, with the ‘Commissioning of the Catechists’ during the Holy Eucharist. 

The preparations for this event commenced a week earlier, on 18 June, when the newly appointed Rector of the Parish community, Fr Thomas D'Costa, who is also the Parish Priest, and Fr Francis Fernandes, the Assistant Parish Priest and Catechetical In-charge, met with all the catechists. The primary objective of the meeting was to emphasise the importance of lively and interactive classes throughout the year, aiming to instil a sense of eagerness among the children to attend Sunday school.

On 25 June, a special Eucharistic celebration was held, presided over by Fr Bento D’Souza. During the ceremony, 18 catechism teachers were invited to come forward and offer their contributions, exemplifying the virtue of charity, which is one of the fundamental teachings of Jesus and His Church. Holding lit candles, symbolising the spreading of the light of Christ, the teachers took their vows to be willing instruments, well-prepared, focused, and genuine examples while remaining united as a team in Christ for the greater glory of God. Fr Fernandes, their mentor, stood by their side throughout the ceremony. A poignant moment occurred when the congregation joined in singing the hymn, ‘Spirit of the Living God’, expressing their heartfelt desire for the Holy Spirit to guide and empower the teachers, mirroring the anointing of Jesus and His apostles before embarking on their missions. The children, in a touching gesture, also requested this blessing for their teachers. Additionally, Fr D’Costa took the opportunity to bless the students of grades X and XII.

Following the Eucharist, the catechism teachers embarked on their mission, conducting Sunday school classes both inside and outside the church premises. Each teacher was inspired by Fr D’Costa’s call to advertise the Sunday school in such a way that the children would eagerly anticipate each class, eagerly desiring to learn more about Christ and His Church. The teachers aimed to deliver effective teaching within a concise timeframe, prioritising quality over quantity. The younger children could be seen joyfully engaging in action songs and dances, led by their teachers, expressing their praise and gratitude to God. 

Overall, it was a remarkable day at the Resurrection Parish, as the Sunday school for the year 2023–24 commenced with great enthusiasm and dedication. The commissioning of the catechists symbolised their commitment to illuminating the path of faith for the children and instilling in them a love for Jesus.