BIS #7192 Inaugural Prayer Service initiates a new Academic Year at Don Bosco Nashik

by Tr. Ashoo Varma

The staff, management, and students ceremoniously marked the beginning of the scholastic year 2024–25 with a prayer service held in the Parish Hall. The program began with a warm welcome of both old and new members of the management, followed by the lighting of the lamp. A prayer dance, gracefully performed by students on the theme "Dream to Excel," opened the proceedings.

Thoughtfully prepared intentions covered various aspects of the school community's life. Offerings including a candle, school bag, and sports equipment were accompanied by prayers for students' academic success, symbolizing the collaborative spirit of the school community. The prayer also acknowledged the critical role of the management in steering the School and Junior College towards excellence, seeking blessings and divine guidance for all members of the management.

The rector and school manager, Fr Royal D’Abreo, planted a sapling to signify the start of a new year. In his address, Fr D’Abreo expressed pleasure in seeing them back on campus after a restful vacation and thanked God for abundant blessings and guidance. He likened students to saplings, emphasizing that, like saplings grow into trees providing shelter and fresh air, students should grow into sensible, responsible individuals contributing positively to society.

Fr D’Abreo introduced new members of the management team: Fr Rickson Nigrel, Principal of the School and Junior College; Fr Pannasingh Bhuriya, newly appointed administrator; and Fr Nelson Mudaliar, director of Don Bosco Shelter, Nashik. 

Fr Nigrel, the Principal, took the stage to express his pleasure at being appointed and his hope for the School and Junior College to continue reaching new heights. He shared the year's Strenna from the Rector Major of Don Bosco Family: “A dream that makes you dream, a heart that transforms wolves into lambs.” He emphasized the theme "Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it," stressing that success requires hard work, discipline, and sacrifice. He reminded students of Don Bosco's childhood dream that revealed his life's vocation, inspiring him to dedicate his life to transforming the lives of poor and abandoned children.

The prayer service set a hopeful and determined tone for the academic year, uniting everyone with a common goal of growth and excellence.