BIS #6680 Local VocCom Meet at DB Nashik

By Mrs Beatrice Pinto for BISMumbai

On 3 July 2022, the Don Bosco Nashik Vocation Team met for their first vocation meeting. The meeting was spearheaded by Fr Velasli Bandya, the vocation promoter. The entire vocation team of Don Bosco Nashik were present for this meeting namely, Fr Royal D’Abreo, Mrs Sujata Castelino, Ms Cecelia Sable, Ms Smita Salve, Mrs Beatrice Pinto and Mr Eric Almedia

The meeting began with a short prayer by Fr Bandya. Fr D’Abreo introduced Fr Bandya to the team. Fr Bandya then thanked the members for being a part of the vocation team and stimulated a discussion on the vocation strategy of the parish. He briefly shared about the formation at Don Bosco, Lonavla, and the various activities held during the summer vacation in Uttan and Lonavla. He also explained the criteria for the selection of the boys and aspirants.

He shared about the province vocation meet to be held in the months of September and November. The Vocation Team decided to conduct an altar servers rally and vocation day in the parish. Fr Bandya encouraged the team to send some boys to experience the vocation programme ‘Come and See’ to be held in the Diwali vacation for Class 8 and 9 students.

The meeting ended with a prayer of thanksgiving by Fr Bandya