BIS #6468 Reaching Don Bosco through the 'memoirs' at Chhota

by Deacon Chris Ferreira for BISMumbai

For the past 30 years, the spirit of Don Bosco has been transforming the land of Chhotaudepur in the Indian state of Gujarat. The Salesians have been providing yeoman service in the fields of education, social development and evangelization all these years; for this reason, the name Don Bosco is dear especially to the indigenous Rathwas. There is always more to Don Bosco than his exuberant personality. And since his charisma and grace are enshrined in the Biographical Memoirs, the Salesians have begun an initiative of providing knowledge on the life of Don Bosco in the local language Gujarati through the memoirs itself.

For this purpose, the 1996 edition of the Biographical Memoirs of Don Bosco are being read and translated into Gujarati. Cleric Sanket Chauhan prepares the translated script that is used in the video and is aided in the process by the teaching staff of the school. The videos feature both catholic children from the parish as well as students from the school. So far since 16 August 2021 this year – the birth anniversary of our beloved father and founder Don Bosco, 06 episodes depicting the life of Don Bosco in detail and will continue to do so. The response of the people has been one of awe and reverence for the person of Don Bosco whom they loved all this while, but never actually knew so closely.

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