BIS #6932 Elysian Fest at DB Nerul

By Ms Charlotte Thanikal for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Senior School, Nerul, organized a two-day art and literary fest - Elysian Fest -  for the first time on 27 and 28 April 2023 for the students from the Kindergarten to Senior Secondary Sections.

The name ‘Elysian’ was chosen to convey a sense of creativity, inspiration, and imagination. The festival organizers suggested that this fest should be a creative event where students can showcase their talents and ideas. All the students from the Pre- Primary Section to the Senior Secondary Section participated in the event at various intervals. The children got an opportunity to express themselves in a positive, tangible and meaningful way through activities such as Short Speech, Poem Recitation, Singing, Origami, Best Out of Waste, Anime Character Drawing and many more.

The purpose of the various competitions held was to highlight the creative ambition of young minds and to help them enhance their interest as well as exploit their artistic potential. Art in all its forms and glory was presented by the students of the different sections. It was a tough decision for the judges to select the winners however, they were fair in shortlisting the winners. 

On being asked about the Elysian Fest, Ishita, a student of Class 5 said: "The fest was a great way to showcase our talents. It encouraged us to be creative." Students enjoyed it like never before, and wanted the fest to be held every year. Atharva, a student of Class 7 commented, "The fest was a celebration of diversity. It was a space where everyone's voices and perspectives were welcomed and appreciated." The judges appreciated both the students and the teachers in charge for their tireless efforts. On seeing the collaboration between teachers, one of the judges affirmed, “Unity is strength. When you work as a team, wonderful things can be achieved.”

At the end of the fest, certificates were awarded to the winners of the various competitions. The Principal, Mrs Sangita Bhattacharya, congratulated the winners and encouraged all students to pursue their interests in both art and literature. Overall, the Elysian Fest was a huge success that brought the school community together and celebrated the power to inspire, educate, and transform.