BIS #6772 Workshop on Organic Farming at BSVS

By Fr Johnson Kshirsagar for BISMumbai

On 18 August 2022, a workshop was conducted for the staff members of Bosco Samajik Vikas Sanstha (BSVS), Walvanda, on organic farming and its benefits. A total of 25 participants were present for this training.

The workshop was inaugurated by Fr Anaclete D’Mello, the Rector of BSVS, Walvanda. He encouraged the staff to concentrate more on organic farming, healthy lifestyle and toxic-free food by the use of toxic-free organic composts for farming. He asked the staff to strive to convince all farmers to use organic compost in their respective fields in order to reduce toxins in farming which in turn will reduce chemicals in food.

The workshop was conducted by Mr Ravi Bhasra and Mr Krishna Shende. They guided the staff to make ‘Jivamrut Dashparni’, and gave instructions as to the use of it. They practically showed the importance of Jivamrit Dashparni. The difference and importance between pesticide agriculture and organic farming was explained to all the trainees in a simple and easy way.

Organic agriculture is a production method that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. It relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions, and combines scientific information about ecology and modern technology with traditional farming practices based on naturally occurring biological processes. The principal systems of organic farming include crop rotation, green manures and compost, biological pest control, and mechanical cultivation.

In the afternoon, a demo demonstration was made on how to make Dashaparni extract and Jivamrut. Thanks to Mr Anto Thomas, Mr Prakash Wagh, and Fr Johnson Kshirsagar for taking up the initiative and organising this training.