BIS #7106 Practical Trainees’ Meet at DBYC Pune

By Cl. Rohan D’Souza for BISMumbai

Eleven practical trainees and the student brothers of the Salesian Province of Bombay (INB) attended the Practical Trainees’ Meet from 15 to 17 November 2023 at Don Bosco Youth Centre, Koregaon Park, Pune. The experience proved to be enriching, as the meeting was organised with a focus on the holistic growth of the young Salesians.  

On the first day, Fr Robert Pen engaged the clerics on the contemporary challenges posed by media, mobile usage and related addictions. He shed light on the nuances of digital footprints, the various forms of media consumption, and the pitfalls of addiction. The discourse dealt strongly with how to understand addictions and also provided practical strategies to avoid and outgrow the lure of addictions. 

The second day featured Fr Valerian Pereira who delved into the rich historical treasures of the Salesian congregation. He highlighted the early Salesian members with a background of real-life happenings of their time. He motivated the young Salesians with the concepts of Practical Training, confessions and Salesian spirituality, linking it to the legacy of Don Bosco. The sessions provided a profound exploration of Salesian life, offering insights into the dedicated service rendered by the Salesians for the salvation of the young.  

The third day was facilitated by Fr Ashley Miranda who conducted a sharing among the young Salesian. The clerics shared and reflected on their individual experiences within the context of their practical living out of the Salesian spirit in their respective communities. The collaborative exchange allowed for a deeper understanding of the challenges and successes faced by the clerics in their day-to-day lives. To conclude it all, Fr Miranda provided insightful pointers for personal growth.

The Meet was a transformative experience laden with life lessons and deep reflections. The young brothers expressed profound gratitude for the guidance they received during the three-day event. The diverse topics covered, ranging from media ethics to Salesian history and personal growth, ensured a well-rounded and holistic approach to their practical training. 

This meeting not only provided a platform for intellectual and spiritual growth but also a sense of communion and shared mission among the young brothers, thus equipping them with the necessary skills and values for this important phase of their Salesian lives.