BIS #6776 Extraordinary Visitation at DB Dakor

By Br Royston Colaco for BISMumbai

The community of Don Bosco, Dakor had their extraordinary visitation conducted by Fr Biju Michael, the General Councillor for South Asia, on 25 and 26 August.

Fr Biju Michael had arrived the previous evening, and was received, welcomed and felicitated by Fr Pravin Makwana, the Rector. In his homily during the Eucharist on 25 August, Fr Biju Michael invited all to imitate Christ following the example of St Paul. At 8:00 a.m., Fr Biju Michael was felicitated by the students of the Gujarati Medium at the school assembly. Addressing the students Fr Biju Michael exhorted them to fill themselves with the values and morals they learn in this school just like a balloon so as to soar high in life.

Fr Biju Michael held a conference for the community members. He urged the Salesians to be faithful to Don Bosco, quoting various articles from the Salesian Constitutions. During the day, he personally met each confrere of the house. He also made time to meet and interact with the school staff. In the evening he spent time meeting the parish council members and also the youth group. Later on, he visited the villages of Jorapur and Nes where the Salesians carry out development programs and provide religious services respectively. Faithful to the Salesian tradition, Fr Biju Michael gave the good night talk to the boarders.

The second day of the visitation began with the Holy Eucharist during which Fr Biju Michael urged all to have an attitude of preparedness. After breakfast, he visited the English Medium School. The students and teachers felicitated him, and thanked him for his presence in their midst. He motivated the students and told them to be ready and face the challenges of life.

Fr Biju Michael concluded his visitation by presenting the report of his visit to the Salesians of the community. The community of Dakor were extremely blessed to have been graced with this visit as it provided moments for deep reflection and introspection on the work and mission carried out by them.