BIS #6438 Divyadaan Teachers' Day celebrations

by Cleric Samson Rebeiro for BISMumbai

The teacher’s day celebration in Divyadaan was held on 04 September 2021. The theme of the celebration was “Teachers: Bearers of Light.”

The day began with the Holy Eucharist presided over by Administrator-Father Mavron Fernandes. During the homily he said that we need to be grateful and pray for our teachers; both, past and present, starting with our parents – our first teachers; who have been instrumental in our growth.

After a grand entrance ceremony at the academic block, the students of Divyadaan conducted the teacher’s day programme which comprised of the following items: choral piece, dance, instrumental, skit, address and a vote of thanks.

Rector and Principal-Father Banzelão Teixeira, delivered a short speech in which he shared how young Bill Gates was encouraged by his teacher/librarian in his hobby of reading books, while his classmates would ridicule him. This teacher, said Bill, gave him the impetus to pursue his interests and move ahead in life. The message was that teachers play a crucial role in making us who we are and want to be.