BIS #6268 Don Bosco Borivali celebrates Don Bosco - ray of hope & sunshine for 50 years

by Lynette Sequeira for BISMumbai

The Golden Jubilee of Don Bosco High School and Junior College-Borivali, began on a very joyous note, with the talented students who took everyone on an enchanting musical ‘magic carpet ride’, with a mesmerizing production, of the children’s Broadway version of ‘Alladin’. An array of Inter-School activities planned all through the year, with a couple of those organised prior to the abrupt halt forced by the COVID-19 pandemic lock-down.

Rather than let this unforeseen turn of events dampen spirits, the staff, guided by the vision and leadership of Principal-Father Flovi D’Souza, kept challenging themselves right through the academic year, not only adapting to online teaching, but also soldiering on and constantly innovating, with updation of their computer technology skills, to reach out to the students online.

A long series of Intra-school competitions [literary, rrtistic and performing arts], held across sections of the school and junior college made up for what had been planned. This ensured that the all-round development of the students, which is a hallmark of every Don Bosco institution. These competitions, not only gave the students ample opportunities to showcase their talents using a virtual medium, but it also re-energised them, to believe ‘anything is possible’, if one has an optimistic outlook and the determination to keep going, against all odds.

Together with a wide spectrum of online competitions, to celebrate the Feast of St. John Bosco and the Republic Day, various sections of the school conducted virtual 'class assemblies' on the Father and Founder of the institution. A wonderful online ‘quiz competition’ was also conducted on the life of Don Bosco, with E-certificates. The icing on this very festive cake was a virtual 'Annual Day', that was showcased on YouTube on 30 January 2021, celebrating the ‘Saint of the Young’, who has been ‘a ray of hope and sunshine for 50 golden years’ of the institution, transforming young lives, ever since inception. Through song, dance, a presentation on the ‘tips of Don Bosco’, a wonderfully enacted skit ‘Don Bosco in our hearts forever’, a presentation on the Rector Major’s Strenna 2021: ‘Moved by Hope’ and a wonderfully compiled ‘School Annual Report’, the wonder of this great Saint was showcased, in a virtual ‘Annual Day’. Adequate and overwhelming support was provided by the parents, given the fact that most of the recordings had to be done, by the students at home. A truly fabulous effort effort from the teachers in the Computer Department. Rector-Father Solomon Rapol, shared a message saying, “we must have a sense of solidarity with the less fortunate and share what God has blessed us with,and above all pray.”

Despite the fact that the usual grandeur and festive atmosphere, of having 900-1000 students on stage, with a large LED screen, was missing this year, Don Bosco High School and Junior College still made it a ‘celebration’ to remember. Principal-Father D’Souza expressed gratitude to all saying, “We are grateful to our superiors, who have graciously invited us to extend our Jubilee Celebrations by another year and the Don Bosco Family in Borivali looks forward to the year ahead, with eager anticipation and hope"

The online 'annual day' concluded with a grand finale, stating, ‘Dearest Don Bosco, for 50 Golden years, and the next 50 to come, let us live your dream for you.’