BIS #6351 Jyoti Mata Church-VVCMC 'mobile' vaccination drive for 45+

by Father Richard Burkhao for BISMumbai

The MumbaiSalesians' managed Jyoti Mata Parish Youth-Group organised a 'mobile' COVID-19 vaccination drive for the 45+ category on 11 June 2021, in collaboration with the Vasai-Virar City Municipal Corporation [VVCMC].

The goal of getting the maximum number of people vaccinated within the nearest proximity, covering the areas of Dhobitalav, Jyoti, Tepacha Pada and Sambhar Pada, was restricted to the 45+ category, due to the limited vaccine stock. The mobile van equipped with the available vaccine-stock, with nurses-in-tow, began the process at noon. Prior to the administration of the vaccine jabs, all the recipients had to undergo the Rapid Antigen Test, that detects the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

The Jyoti Mata Church youth group overcame the hurdles of location-securing and the heavy downpour, playing a crucial role in registration, accommodation, pick-up and drop for seniors, and provision of snacks.The VVCMC-JyotiMata Parish mobile vaccination drive proved to be a successful endeavour, thanks to the meticulous planning and execution by the youth group.

The vaccine-recipients expressed their gratitude for the innovative 'mobile' vaccination drive and for all the assistance provided.