BIS #7134 45th Annual Day at DB Makarpura

By Fr Jerome Edison for BISMumbai

In a celebration that transcended traditional festivities, Don Bosco School, Makarpura, hosted on 20 January 2024, its 45 Annual Thanksgiving Day based on the theme "Quest for Peace", radiating messages of harmony and unity. The event was a spectacular blend of cultural performances and heartwarming expressions from the students of a collective yearning for peace.

The programme commenced with a prayer dance and featured a symbolic lamp-lighting ceremony, signifying the collective commitment to spreading the light of peace in every corner of the world.  The lamp was lit by the Chief Guest, Fr Anthony Pinto - Director of Don Bosco Kurla, Guest of Honour - Fr Telles Fernandes; Fr Issac Arackaparambil - Rector, and Fr Glen Fernandes - Principal. The statue of Don Bosco was venerated with garlands and flowers. Then, the Principal welcomed the parents and children and emphasised the importance of fostering a culture of peace within the school community and beyond.

The Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour both delivered thought-provoking speeches on the significance of each individual's role in contributing to a more peaceful world, especially today when peace is torn by local, national and international conflicts. These words of wisdom resonated with the audience and definitely inspired students, parents and staff members alike to be ambassadors of peace in their daily lives.

A detailed annual school report was displayed and prize distribution was done to award students who excelled in academics, sports and creative initiatives. The Don Bosco School choir sang the song “Heal the World” as an invitation to promote peace and harmony. The past pupils sang the school anthem, thus showing their belonging to the institution. 

The heart of the Annual Day celebration was an awe-inspiring cultural musical, where students showcased their talents through dance, music and drama. The play was meticulously curated to reflect the theme. The performances were a moving reminder of the power of art and culture to transcend borders and unite people in their shared humanity.

Master Akash Achari, the School Captain, proposed the vote of thanks after the finale. Without a doubt, the Annual Thanksgiving Day at Don Bosco, Makarpura, was marked with a resonant call to be ambassadors of peace.