BIS #6970 Dominic Savio Celebrated Across INB

By Cl. Rohan D’Souza, Ms Neelam Rodrigues, and Ms Glacxy Ferrao for BISMumbai

Salesian Institutions across the Province of Bombay celebrated the young saint Dominic Savio on 6 July 2023, the day they traditionally celebrate the feast of Dominic Savio in the region. In preparation for the feast, the institutions held a variety of activities through which they would get to know the person of Dominic Savio more closely so as to imitate his virtues.

Don Bosco Aspirantate, Lonavla, celebrated Dominic Savio Week, which was organised by the students of Grade 10. The week-long event aimed to honour Dominic Savio, a young saint and student of Don Bosco, while promoting spiritual growth. Activities included a Taize prayer service, a screening of the movie ‘The Two Popes’, a Rosary Walk to Auxilium Convent, and a thrilling Minecraft-themed treasure hunt. The highlight was Savio Night, featuring a quiz and group games to engage students and teach them about St. Dominic Savio's life. The 10th graders delivered inspiring sermonettes throughout the week, urging their peers to lead virtuous lives. The event concluded on July 6th with a day filled with prayer, games, and a movie. The Dominic Savio Week at Don Bosco Lonavla Aspirantate successfully fostered spiritual growth, celebrated St. Dominic Savio's life, and strengthened the students' faith and relationships.

Don Bosco High School in Borivli celebrated the feast of Dominic Savio with a tri-duum celebration. The days began with inspiring morning talks by the school captains and the Management during the assemblies. The primary section organised competitions like wall hanging making, poster colouring, and quizzes. The feast day commenced with the Holy Mass for Catholics and a prayer service for students of other faiths. Fr Mario Vaz, celebrated the mass, emphasising the ideals of Dominic Savio and the importance of spending time with Jesus. Despite the rain, school students enjoyed telegames, while high school and junior college students played football, basketball, hockey, and cricket tournaments, displaying their joy and enthusiasm.

Likewise, St Dominic Savio High School, Andheri, celebrated the annual feast of their school patron with much love, great joy and utmost devotion. The celebration of the feast brought together Salesians, students, parents, school staff, past pupils, and well-wishers. The festivities were preceded by nine days of spiritual preparation through the Novena dedicated to Saint Dominic Savio. During the Holy Mass for the Catholic students, Fr Bosco D’Mello reiterated the attributes of little Savio and entreated the Savion family to emulate the virtues of their little patron in their daily lives. He stated that holiness is not just for saints; it is a call for each one of us to live a humble and sanctified life. A prayer service was held, extending inclusivity to students of different faiths. It guided the gathering in prayers of gratitude and reflection on the saint's values of simplicity and cheerfulness. Fr Shekar Mariadas encouraged students to seek Dominic Savio's intercession for a strong will to do good. Students performed a skit portraying the saint's life, delivering a message for everyone to emulate. The day's events spanned across secondary, primary, and pre-primary sections, including documentary screenings, the Savio Quiz, meaningful assemblies, vibrant display boards adorned with images of Dominic Savio, and resolution-building activities in each class.

The youth of Don Bosco Parish, Nashik, and Dominic Savio, Satpur, came together to honour and venerate St Dominic Savio through prayer, song, and dance. Novena prayers, a youth speaker highlighting Dominic Savio's life, friendly football and throw ball matches, a prayer service with vernacular hymns, and the screening of an inspiring film 'Royal Ashes' depicting the challenges faced by a young man caring for his siblings, were among the festivities. The feast day mass was celebrated with Fr Evangelo D'Souza as the main celebrant, who emphasised the sanctity achieved by Dominic Savio at a young age. The evening continued with the Savio Nite event, featuring a speech by Fr Felix Fernandes, a quiz on the life of St. Dominic Savio, puzzles, and party games, creating a memorable and joyful atmosphere.