BIS #6718 Time with God at DB Borivli

By Mrs Neelam Rodrigues for BISMumbai

On 22 July 2022, the students of Class 9 of Don Bosco Borivli were privileged to have a retreat and a recollection organised by Fr Velasli Bandya and Fr Allwyn Misquitta.

Life-skills education helps adolescents in promoting mental wellbeing which helps them in the development of emotional intelligence, self- confidence as well as enhancing decision making ability and critical thinking. Fr Misquitta gave a beautiful session to the students of other faiths on the importance of morals. His orientation stressed upon the need for value-based movements today to bring about reform in young people and in society as a whole and a spiritual revolution is essential for that. He also created an awareness of moral values through spirituality that is augmented by a positive mental attitude.

On the other hand, Fr Bandya inspired the Catholic students through a session on their relationship with God. His animated talks impressed the students and got them thinking about their true idol in life, about Jesus being their role model, and how their faith and belief in God could sustain their lives. Through his motivational talks, he led the students into thinking about religious life and asking the boys to give it a thought.