BIS #6212 Shelter Don Bosco celebrates Diwali & Children's Day

by Brother Vishal Waghmare for BISMumbai

Shelter Don Bosco Wadala was filled with lights as it celebrated the festival of light with great pomp and grandeur. The combined celebration of Diwali and Children's Day was organised on 13 November, with the preparations having begun much earlier making special Diwali diyas, greeting-cards and delicious sweets.

The evening began by invoking the blessing of the Almighty, followed by an informative presentation on the importance of Diwali and Children's day, with special emphasis on being ‘lights’ in the world. Father Lester Fernandes gave the Diwali message stressing on one needs to bring change in this world by changing oneself first. He mentioned how Lord Ram, on his return visited people personally and brought glad tidings to their families.

Special creative games were organised by the staff, and to make the evening more fun-filled, a game of mysteries with puzzles and riddles was also conducted. After the games, delicious sweets prepared by Shelter Don Bosco ‘culinary’ group, was served. The programme ended with Shelter’s Got Talent [SGT] with the boys presenting their skills and talents. This was followed by a festive meal prepared by one of the staff and the evening proceeded with music and dance.

On 14 November, a malaysian-football and pro-kabaddi tournament was organised with a great deal of sportsmanship displayed by the boys. In the evening, keeping in mind the concept of Green Diwali the boys lit 108 traditional instead of crackers, making this Diwali smokeless and noiseless.