BIS #6968 Doctor’s Day at DB Yerwada

By Ms Pearl Fernandes for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Edu-Complex,Yerwada, commemorated Doctor's Day on 3 July 2023, with great enthusiasm. The esteemed guest for the event was Dr Manoj Durairaj, a highly respected adult and paediatric cardiac surgeon and heart transplant specialist. 

Dr Durairaj serves as the Director of the Marian Cardiac Centre and Research Foundation, a charitable organisation. Additionally, he has initiated a programme called ‘Saving Little Hearts’, which facilitates life-saving open heart surgeries for numerous underprivileged children, including two recent heart transplant recipients.

The Doctor's Day celebration commenced with a grand gesture as students dressed in medical attire formed a special guard of honour for Dr Durairaj who was escorted to the stage accompanied by the Rector, Fr Crispino D'Souza, and the Principal, Fr Ajit Munis. Following a warm welcome, Master Ajinkya Parkhe recited a beautiful and profound prayer dedicated to doctors. A melodious welcome song was followed by the introduction of the Chief Guest to the gathering, shedding light on his remarkable achievements and recognizing his philanthropic work. The Rector and the Principal presented saplings as a token of appreciation.

Dr Durairaj delivered a captivating session on ‘Healthy Lifestyle and a Healthy Heart’. With an excellent PowerPoint presentation accompanied by live videos of various heart transplants and surgeries he had performed, he adeptly explained crucial measures to be taken during a heart attack. Furthermore, he shared abundant information concerning the myths and facts surrounding health in today's digital world. Drawing from personal experiences, he acknowledged the indispensable contributions of various entities, such as government green corridor agencies, aircraft officials, police, and traffic personnel, as well as ordinary individuals.

Emphasising the significance of a healthy lifestyle, Dr Durairaj urged the audience to prioritise regular exercise and take control of conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and obesity. He advised everyone to engage in regular walks while avoiding smoking, alcohol, and unhealthy food choices. Engaging with the audience, he graciously responded to numerous inquiries regarding his career, accomplishments, aspirations of students pursuing careers in medicine, and emerging trends within the medical field. His interactive demeanour kept both the students and staff engrossed throughout the session.

The Junior College section meticulously organised the entire day, leaving a lasting impression on both the staff and students. Don Bosco Edu-Complex extends heartfelt gratitude to the entire medical fraternity for their selfless service.