by BISMumbai Correspondent

The Don Bosco Provincial House Community 'media room' was inaugurated on the feast of St. Mary Magdalene. It was blessed and declared open by MumbaiSalesians' Economer Father Manuel Murzello on 22 July 2020.

The 'media room' is an outcome of the DBPH community 'study circle', just as was the digitalisation of the Shrine of Don Bosco's Madonna. The DBPH community study circle took up a reflection-action study of the recent documents inviting Salesians to get busy and active in the digital space. The Media Room is set up with 02 'Sonia single-bulb Strobe 300D premium with reflector' studio lights; 01 Simpex LED Ring 18 inches light for camera and smartphone studio lighting with phone holder; 02 BOYA microphone system for interview presentation/talk show and other accessories.

DBPH Rector-Father Glenford Lowe with the assistance of Brother Bryce Fernandes and Father Mylin Noronha set up the DBPH community 'media room' with the sole intention of "enabling the DBPH community members to make professional presentations/conferences/talks over the various digital platforms, as the 'new normal' has significantly altered the mode of delivery for Salesians." Brother Fernandes says, "there are much more expensive systems available and of course these may be for advanced professionals, but we kept in mind the basic requirements and procured the essentials. Thus, this basic setup will ensure better interactions with adequate lighting and sound facilities, just as in a professional studio."

Former Regional Councillor Father Joaquim D'Souza, present on the occasion, did a 01-minute inaugural video shoot congratulating the DBPH community whilst hoping that this 'media room' will enable the community to better interact with and accompany young people, and be an inspiration to the other houses in the Province of Bombay. Hopefully, other communities will soon follow suit with similar setups, as Mumbai Salesians make the paradigmatic transition from the physical to the virtual space, seeking newer ways to be present among the young.