BIS #7161 Science And Math Exhibition at DB Nerul

By Ms Juliana Rodrigo for BISMumbai

On the occasion of National Science Day, Don Bosco Senior Secondary School held a captivating Science and Mathematics Exhibition on 28 February 2024. 

This event, which saw a dedicated participation of students from Grades 6 to 9 and 11, was inaugurated by the Principal - Ms Sangeeta Bhattacharya, and Vice-Principal - Fr Akhil Abraham. Dr Nanma Nikalji, a distinguished dermatologist and cosmetologist, graced the occasion as the esteemed judge.

A total of 35 exhibits adorned the event, with 19 groundbreaking innovations in Science and Technology, and 16 delving into the realm of Mathematical concepts. The students, with their meticulous research and analysis, unveiled a myriad of innovative ideas. Noteworthy among them was an exhibit featuring an anti-sleep alarm designed for night driving, a potentially life-saving invention aimed at preventing accidents. Another exhibit highlighted the practical applications of Vedic Math techniques, particularly beneficial in competitive exams and real-life scenarios where time is of the essence. The working models crafted by the students garnered widespread admiration and awe.

Angel Fernandes, a student from Grade 8, described the event as remarkable, praising the creativity, innovation, and hard work showcased by all participants. Her team project focused on creating an Anti-Sleep alarm using Arduino code, providing valuable hands-on experience in programming and electronics. She also commended the diversity of exhibits covering various scientific fields, ensuring an engaging and educational experience for attendees. 

Similarly, Prateek Tripathy, another student from Grade 8, recounted his experience at the school's Maths Exhibition. He portrayed the event as a celebration of students' ingenuity and mathematical skills, with their project, ‘Angular Vision’, aiming to explore the captivating realm of geometry and its real-world applications. Prateek emphasised the gratifying experience of engaging with a diverse audience, sparking stimulating discussions about their project's intricacies. 

The Science and Mathematics Exhibition served as a compelling testament to the limitless possibilities and tangible applications of these disciplines in daily life. Moreover, it printed academic excellence, showcasing the school's commitment to nurturing bright minds and fostering a culture of innovation. The session ended at 2:30 p.m., leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.