BIS #6760 He Came, Saw, and Conquered with Love

By Fr Sunil Pinto for BISMumbai

Fr Biju Michael SDB, the General Councillor of South Asia, arrived at Shelter Don Bosco, Wadala, on the morning of 15 August 2022, for the Extraordinary Visitation of the community. He was warmly received by the Salesian confreres and the boys.

Being Independence Day, Fr Biju Michael hoisted the National Flag and thereafter a short programme was staged by the boys with patriotic fervour and zest. “What really matters is what is within each one of you”, said the Regional in his address to the assembly while taking a cue from the tri-colour themed balloons that had adorned the walls of the hall.

Later that morning, he met the community for his inaugural conference which was peppered with insights from Sacred Scripture, the Salesian Constitutions and the life of Don Bosco. What followed next was a scheduled meeting with the staff of the institute and a colloquy with each Salesian confrere of the community.

The Salesian Sisters from the neighbouring community of Auxilium, Wadala, sprung a surprise visit in the evening to exchange greetings and goodies on the solemn occasion of the Feast of “Maria Assumpta” which was also being celebrated that day. Together, with the Regional, Fr Biju Michael, the Salesian community of Shelter Don Bosco and the Salesian Sisters prayed the Vespers together.

Fr Biju Michael was then accompanied by Fr Sunil Pinto from the community of Shelter and Ms Grace John (Shelter out-reach staff) for a short tour of the out-reach works. At each of the places, Fr Biju Michael gave a listening ear to the people while galvanising those present with his simplicity and humility.

On the following day, Fr Biju Michael met the community for the concluding conference in which he shared his report. The community of Shelter Don Bosco then gathered around the Regional Councillor to bid him farewell, hearts filled with much gratitude for these moments of grace experienced at the Extraordinary Visitation.