BIS #6405 Amrutdhara-Studio Don Bosco 'NAMAN-Marian Album' now on Spotify

by BISMumbai Correspondent

Amrutdhara Don Bosco and Studio Don Bosco Kapadwanj produced NAMAN 2020 a 10-Bhajan Marian audio album in Gujarati, is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Deezer, Tidal and Amazon Music, although Deezer and Tidal are not yet available in india. This album made available on 04 August, is also a testimony of the ardent devotion and faith that most have toward Mother Mary, so aptly stated by St. John Marie Vianney as, "“The Heart of Mary is so tender towards us, that those of all the mothers in the world put together are like a piece of ice in comparison to hers.”

Launched on 03 June to coincide with the martyrdom of Charles Lwanga and his friends, the Ugandan martyrs of the faith, the album has been available on the AmrutDhara Don Bosco YouTube Channel []. Today, on the feast day of St. John Marie Vianney, it is also made available on Spotify, as Father Dinesh Vasava [former Director Amrutdhara] and Father Ashwin Macwan [Asst. Director Amrutdhara], together with Father Mayank Parmar [Director Amrutdhara], hope that this Marian devotional audio album NAMAN will be of assistance to the Gujarati Catholics in India and those part of the larger diaspora, in faraway foreign lands.

NAMAN is the laborious fruit of 03 musician composers: veteran musician, poet, composer and ardent Marian devotee Joseph Y. Macwan together with Paul Macwan, a reputed musician from Vadodara, and Hiren Macwan, a much sought-after creative teacher, musician and composer

In the prevailing COVID-19 situation, with the shattered plans of people who find themselves helpless, this devotional musical album is an aid to have recourse to Mother Mary, seeking her intercession to help comfort the suffering distressed and those bogged down byhopelessness. Even as Lockdown 5.0 was beginning to ease and Unlock 1.0 was starting, the entire team finalised the recording, mixing and mastering working non-stop over a week.

Musical orchestration and instrumentation for the album has been provided by youth musician Shailesh Jadav on the keyboard, with Birju and Dinesh young dynamic rhythm players. Mukesh Mac and his sister Sonal Mac have provided the vocals. Father Parmar states, "all the artistes involved in this production have lent their services without charging a single penny, free of cost for the greater glory of God and in the hope that Mother Mary will intercede for us in this pandemic situation."

Other faith-devotional albums are also to be soon made available on these platforms, as the MumbaiSalesians' Social Communications Team continues to discover newer means to bridge the faith-devotion-media experience of the faithful, especially digital natives, through the intercession of Don Bosco's Madonna!