BIS #6175 Fr Crispino D'Souza - MumbaiSalesian Pastor, Educator, Basketballer & Youth Icon

by Father Velasli Bandya for BISmumbai

The 1st Thursday of every month is dedicated to Vocations and celebrated as Vocation Thursday by MumbaiSalesians. BISMumbai carries a Vocation Article every 1st Thursday, as part of the 'vocation animation'.

Today, Father Crispino D'souza [Rector Don Bosco Matunga & INB Past-Pupils Mentor] narrates his personal reflection on 'to be a Salesian'.

  1. Where and how do you find fulfilment in your Salesian vocation today?

I find fulfilment in my Salesian vocation today by being present with the people entrusted to me; students, staff, youth, past pupils. I love playing with them, listening to their stories, sharing my stories, just spending time with them.

  1. The role of prayer in your Salesian vocation today?

Prayer has a vital role in my Salesian vocation. I have always connected with God and Our Blessed Mother. It is prayer that gives me strength to carry on especially when things get difficult. God has always been faithful to me. It is I who has let Him down but He forgives and helps me carry on.

  1. What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a Salesian?

Just surrender to God. Be open to Him and He will do wonders with your life.