BIS #6771Know the Bible, Know Christ

By Fr Ajay D’Monte for BISMumbai

A programme for Catechism children was held in St Anne's Church, Ahmednagar, on 21 August 2022. The theme for the event was ‘Know the Bible, Know Christ’. Around 65 children were present for the programme.

The day started with registration followed by breakfast prepared by the Catechism teachers. Soon after the breakfast, the children along with teachers assembled in the parish hall where the children were divided into the four groups. These groups presented the lives of four saints - Dominic Savio, Maria Goretti, Laura Vicuna and Carlo Acutis - through posters and talks.

Later in the session, inspiring Bible games were conducted in the form of various puzzles, art, and music. The parish youth volunteered to help out the Catechism teachers to conduct the games and the activities. The children, on their part, seemed eager to learn and know about faith.

The day concluded by a thanksgiving Eucharist celebrated by Fr Briston Britto, the Parish Priest. The Children appreciated Fr Britto, Fr Ajay D'Monte and the Catechism teachers for their animation, support and guidance. The day was truly filled with a deep experience of the Lord.