BIS #6206 Father Shekar Mariadas on being a SDB: from a hockey stick to a walking stick

by Father Velasli Bandya for BISmumbai

The 1st Thursday of every month is dedicated to Vocations and celebrated as Vocation Thursday by MumbaiSalesians. BISMumbai carries a 'Vocation Article' every 1st Thursday, as part of the MumbaiSalesians' 'vocation animation'.

Today, Father Shekar Mariadas [ViceRector & Administrator at St. Dominic Savio Boys' Home Andheri] shares how he finds fulfillment as a Salesian of Don Bosco, the role of prayer in his life, and his advice to young people desirous of becoming a priest, brother or nun.

1. How do you find fulfilment as a Salesian of Don Bosco?

When I think of finding fulfillment as a Salesian of Don Bosco, I always remember the quote "bloom where you are planted." But for me, it is 'bloom where you are thrown/sent to'. Because when we are planted, we are nurtured, cared for, nourished. But whereas in 'thrown', we find our own nourishment which gives fulfillment.

2. What is the role of prayer in your life?

Don Bosco believed in short prayers, knowing that young people don't like long prayers. I too believe the same. Short prayers that take very short time, but in deep connection with the Lord. I believe that God is always watching over me as His child. My special devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary keeps me going, makes me happy and inspires me to be faithful.

3. Any advice for young people thinking of becoming priests, brothers or nuns?

My advice to the young friends who want to be either priests, brothers or nuns is, "Do what you love and you will be happier and better for it." For those wishing to follow Christ, the Don Bosco way, I say to them, "happiness is what all want, so why don't you be happy and be a happy Salesian!"