by Father Blany Pinto for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Apostolic and Aspirantate Facility at Lonavla is a place of vocational animation, mentoring, discernment, and accompaniment. Each year many young boys desirous of following Christ the Don Bosco way make an application to join and post-selection, have a lived experience in the company of the Salesians of Don Bosco. This year too, after having lived the Don Bosco Lonavla experience, a few young boys have decided to undertake the journey of an adventure with Don Bosco. These have now proceeded to the Pre Novitiate house at Loutolim in Goa. BISMumbai presents an Interview Series with these young men. The 1st interview today features Daniel Thevar.

1. Daniel can you share your likes, hobbies, favourite things?

I don't have much craze for reading books cause I prefer watching movies. I love to watch horror, real life stories, etc.

2. Your family & growing up years?

Growth was not a problem but mostly I was an exceptional case, cause my family handles me with great care, since I was a soft kid and sensitive.

3. Why did you choose to come to DBLnl. What makes you go ahead to the PNC?

I have always been pushed into things never planned to do, but it turns out to be the right thing or the right choice. The lifestyle and being far from home made me more attached to Don Bosco.

4. Any particular dream, aspiration that you have as a possible SDB? Why?

Nothing in particular about my dreams, but I feel that I need to do something that I've never imagined, and being a part of Don Bosco makes my dreams come true.

5. Any favourite moment, experience or interactions with SDBs or any other priests, nuns, brothers?

Each and every moment ever since my first Leadership Camp till now it is beautiful; sometimes I felt frustrated, but I learnt that there is no achievement without downfalls.

6. What do you think the Church should do now in this time of uncertainty?

How the Church works at present, well, I am happy with it.

7. Coping with challenges? Are you up to it?

I believe that challenges are just a small part of life - it just depends with what mindset one faces it.

8. Why Don Bosco? Why not any1 else?

Ans- Don Bosco encouraged others to do things that were thought to be impossible, but Don bosco made it possible. So, I admire him.

9. Any particular quote or prayer or line or saying from the Bible of Don Bosco that has struck you?

"What good is for a person who inherit the world but loses his/ her own soul" this quote struck me because I believe that one can kill the body but none can kill the soul, and the Bible also says, one should not be afraid of the one who kills the body but to be afraid of the one who kills the soul.

10. As you finish with DBLnl, what message to the Salesians, & your other companions after you?

My message to all is to use the many opportunities that come our way. And for the Brothers & Fathers, just keep up the good work!