by Father Jerome Aruldass for BISMumbai

Graced by the presence of Smt. Ketuben, the local MLA's wife, with Hemasha, Taluka Enterprise Head for StartUps, and Dr. Priya, Don Bosco Narukot celebrated the International Women'sDay to encourage, inspire and empower 110 women as superwomen under the leadership of Coadjutor Salesian Br. Melvyn Carvalho alongwith with his development team. After a solemn welcome, the dignitaries were presented with a flower bouquet, after the programme with the theme, 'Women a life giving gift of life and love', commenced.

Smt. Ketuben illustrated how the world is incomplete without women just as a plant without a flower, and in her speech said, "to empower a strong leadership in women is the need of the hour, as this world is competitive and a woman is recognised as God's most sublime gift which provides the apt balance to light up the world in equality." Taken up by the active work of women displayed under Br. Carvalho's leadership, like making soaps, detergents, incense sticks, liquid soap, phenol and amrut jal to increasing land fertility,she also pledged to provide opportunities at her expense, so that the women could take part in the District Self Help initiative organised at the Legislative Assembly of Gujarat.

At the end of the programme, the guests were gifted the innovative products made by the women.