BIS #6295 1st footsteps in the Don Bosco Way at DB Lonavla

by Cleric Bless Rumao & Brother Aliester D'Souza for BISMumbai

At the Eucharist on Sunday, 28 February 201, in a simple yet solemn ceremony, 07 aspirants submitted their applications to join the pre-novitiate. They were accompanied by their parents/guardians. During the mass, they held lit candles as a sign of their lives aflame with the fire of Christ. In the presence of the community, they then prayed, asking God for grace and strength to be able to walk steadfastly, remain faithful and persevering in their calling. They were then presented with a cross as a sign of their commitment to the Lord.

The spirit of discernment was clearly seen in the past three months. It culminated in an adoration service held on 21 February, animated by Rector-Father Blany Pinto, during which the aspirants wrote their application seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit, with the rest of the community praying for them. The aspirants [class XII and post XII] have been continuously accompanied and guided in their discernment for the last two years by Father Pinto through frequent conferences and spiritual direction.