by Father Vishal Lopes for BISMumbai

As the COVID-19 uncertainty and unease continues with varying degrees of confusion across Mumbai, more especially in impoverished fragile zones, the parishioners of St. Dominic Savio Church Wadala[E] are ensuring that fellow-disadvantaged are cared for.

As the lockdown is extended till July end, many parishioners volunteered to help with food provisions for the disadvantaged within the parish community. In a wonderful and exemplary act of solidarity, sharing and caring, reminiscent of the early Christian community the entire parish community together with the parish team has taken upon itself this sustained act of community sustenance. In the ensuing COVID-19 chaos, a sizeable number of parishioners have been rendered unemployed, jobless and reduced to a hand-to-mouth survival.

This is the fourth such time in the last 04 months that the St. Dominic Savio Church in Wadala [E] is undertaking this act of reaching out as one, to the brothers and sisters in need. The youth team of the parish is overseeing and packing the food essentials for ready distribution.

This is possible, as the parishioners believe that they have received in abundance and now it's their time to be generous givers. The entire parish community lifts up in prayer the many generous benefactors, well-wishers and others, who have stepped up and out to pay it forward.