BIS #7209 Investiture Ceremony at Don Bosco School Narukot

by Cl Ralston Rozario

Don Bosco School, Narukot recently held its annual investiture ceremony, a time-honored tradition that marks the beginning of a new academic year and the conferring of leadership roles to deserving students. The ceremony took place on 5th July, 2024 at the school hall, and was attended by students, teachers, Salesian fathers and brothers. On this day we also commemorated the feast of St. Dominic Savio, a young lad from the oratory of St. Don Bosco.

The investiture ceremony is a significant event in the school's calendar, symbolizing the passing on of responsibility and leadership from one batch of students to the next. The ceremony began with a prayer service, by the lighting of the lamp, a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. The Gujarati medium school began  their investiture ceremony and later the English medium school. Both began with the procession of the newly elected student council members.

The newly elected student council members took oath, promising to uphold the values of the school and discharge their duties with integrity and dedication. The council comprises the School Captain, Vice Captain, Captain representatives from each house and the perfect representatives from each class.

In his address, Fr. Elson congratulated the newly elected student council members and urged them to lead by example, be role models, and work together as a team to achieve their goals. He also emphasized the importance of leadership, teamwork, and responsibility.

The student council members were awarded badges and sashes, symbolizing their new roles and responsibilities. 

The investiture ceremony marked the beginning of a new chapter in the school's academic year, filled with promise and possibility. The newly elected student council members are eager to take on their new roles and make a positive impact on the school community.