BIS #6864 Scout Camps at Nashik

By Cl. Ralston Rozario and Cl. Melvin Mathew for BISMumbai

The scholastic Brothers of Divyadaan - Salesian Institute of Philosophy, Nashik, organized Scout Camps for the scouts and guides of Sacred Heart School and St Joseph School Nashik from 27 to 30 December 2022. The scout camp is held every year as a part of the student curriculum. These camps are an opportunity for scouts to acquire basic practical skills of scouting, which enable them to cope in any situation.

The first two days of the Scout Camp was organised for the Sacred Heart School, Nashik, on 27 and 28 December 2022 on the school grounds. The scouts and guides reported at Sacred Heart School at 6 a.m. on the first day, and started their day by hoisting the National Flag, followed by morning drills and exercises. The Brothers taught the scout and guides how to pitch a tent. After the demo, the scouts and guides were given hands-on practical experience, which was highly successful. The Brothers spoke about ‘the problems faced by the environment and communication in the present scenario’, and also delivered a message on the beauty of life, while stressing on the virtues and the seven wonders of the human being. Sr Tessy Anto, the Principal, spoke to them of the importance of God and the expectations from a scout and guide. She emphasised that they were called to become aware of God’s presence in their lives. This was followed by a Quiz Competition.

On 28 December, games were animated for the scouts and guides. Each patrol was tasked to dance or perform a skit in the evening during the campfire. The flag was lowered by the brothers followed by the vote of thanks and appreciation. The camp ended by 7 in the evening.

A similar Scout Camp for St Joseph Kilbil High School, Nashik, was organised from 28 to 30 December 2022. The scouts reported at the school at 7:30 in the morning, and were divided into six patrols. According to their patrols, the scouts are transported to the campsite organised at St Vincent Pallotti High School, Nashik. The camp ended on the evening of 30 December.

The three-day camp was beneficial for the scouts, as they acquired various scouting skills such as tent pitching, knots lashing, First-Aid and so on. The sessions on media footprints, environment artwork and meditation also introduced new arenas to the scouts. The scout camp also facilitated various activities and games to enhance the confidence, patience, alertness, observation, character, leadership skills in the scouts. The camp was a great opportunity for the scouts to apply their theoretical knowledge practically.