BIS #6965 Parents’ Meet at DB Kawant

By Cl. Alan Manuel for BISMumbai

Don Bosco, Kawant, held a meeting on 2 July 2023 for the parents of the boarders. The meeting, which was attended by approximately 180 parents, aimed to promote a strong partnership between the school, boarding, and families for the betterment of the students. The event shed light on the efforts made by the staff to improve academic performance and prepare students for their future endeavours.

Initiated by Fr Mayank Parmar, the Rector, the meeting began with an expression of gratitude to the parents for entrusting their children's education to the educative system of Don Bosco. Fr Parmar stressed the importance of parental involvement in their children's education, emphasising that the ultimate goal of the boarding facility was to mould well-rounded individuals capable of facing future challenges.

Fr Parmar's presentation provided parents with insights into the boarding facilities, routines, and code of conduct, allowing them to develop a comprehensive understanding of the environment in which their children resided. He emphasised that regular meetings with staff members were essential for monitoring children's academic progress and personal development.

Fr Rixson Nigrel, the principal, emphasised the significance of academic excellence during his address. He highlighted the various initiatives undertaken by the school to enhance the quality of education and shared success stories of former students who had excelled in their studies. Fr Nigrel stressed that academic success opens doors to numerous opportunities for students and encouraged parents to actively collaborate with the staff to create a conducive learning environment.

Mr Ravji Rathwa, a member of the staff, utilised the platform to explain the rules and regulations of the boarding facility. He emphasised the importance of discipline and time management for students' overall growth and development.

With the collective mindset of the staff and the active involvement of parents, the Don Bosco boarding at Kawant is poised to continue its mission of nurturing the boys under their care to become good, honest, and responsible citizens.