by Father Blany Pinto for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Apostolic and Aspirantate Facility at Lonavla is a place of vocational animation, mentoring, discernment, and accompaniment. Each year many young boys desirous of following Christ the Don Bosco way make an application to join and post-selection, have a lived experience in the company of the Salesians of Don Bosco. After their experience at Don Bosco Lonavla they proceed to Don Bosco Loutolim for their Pre-Novitiate. BISMumbai Interview Series with Mumbai Salesians' pre-novices continues with interview 07, featuring Jonathan Braganza.

Jonathan, please could you share something about yourself, your family, your likes, hobbies, etc.?

I like to read, watch sci-fi movies, am interested in music and pop culture. My family consists of my mum, dad and sister.

Why Don Bosco Lonavla? What makes you want to go to the PNC?

I came to DBLonavla in order to discover myself and to develop my skills with the opportunities given. I want to go to the PNC because I felt motivated by looking at the brother assistants.

Any dreams, aspirations for the future as a Salesian?

I would like to reach out to the youth through the media. Just like Don Bosco I would like to be with the youth. It's almost like you don't need to grow up.

Any significant moments in Don Bosco Lonavla?

The fun I had with the brother assistants for 2 years.

Could you share any of Don Bosco's sayings that motivates you?

Enjoy yourselves as much as you want, but do not sin.

Would you like to share a message for your friends in Lonavla?

Keep doing what you are doing; keep motivated and keep getting better.