BIS #7144 Annual Salesian Parents’ Day at Jyoti

By  Fr Renold Lemos and Cl. Gaurav Sansare for BISMumbai

The Annual Salesian Parents’ Day for the Uttan, Bhayandar, Vasai, and Virar regions was joyously celebrated on 4 February 2024 at Jyoti Mata Church, Jyoti.  The event brought together more than 120 parents and relatives of the Salesians, along with 10 Salesian priests from the region. 

The celebration commenced with the Holy Eucharist at 10:30 a.m., led by Fr Briston Britto, and was concelebrated by several fellow Salesians at the altar. In his homily, Fr Britto emphasised the importance of embodying Jesus-like service in our lives, drawing parallels between the service of Jesus and Don Bosco’s dedication to serving the poor. 

Following the Eucharist, the celebration continued in the hall, with Fr Renold Lemos, serving as the anchor for the celebration. In his opening remarks, Fr Lemos underscored the significance of appreciating the crucial role played by Mamma Margaret in nurturing Don Bosco’s vocation and acknowledging the support provided by the parents of the Salesians in their journey towards becoming Salesians. Additionally, the gathering aimed to strengthen the bonds within the Salesian family and address the decline in vocations by encouraging parents to promote Salesian vocations in their neighbourhoods. 

Fr William Falcao, the Parish Priest, extended a warm welcome to the attendees and expressed gratitude for their enthusiastic participation. The Salesians present were invited to introduce themselves to the gathering. The celebration was elevated by a prayer dance and a cinematic mashup performed by the children and youth of the parish. Exciting games were organised for children and parents. A jam session featuring traditional East Indian songs lit up the floor, inspiring attendees of all ages to step up and dance.

The women of the parish served delicious homemade food, which was appreciated and relished by all present. As the celebration drew to a close, parents expressed gratitude to the host community of Jyoti and the Salesians for arranging a meaningful celebration that made everyone feel a part of the Salesian family. To commemorate the event, each family received a souvenir as a token of remembrance, symbolising the unity and fellowship shared during this joyous occasion. 

 A week prior, the Salesian Parents' Day for the Mumbai region was held on 28 January at Our Lady of Dolours Church, Wadala. The event commenced with a solemn Holy Eucharist, celebrated by Fr Ashley Miranda, who, in his meaningful homily, emphasised the crucial role that parents and relatives play in guiding and supporting individuals in their vocational journey. This set the tone for the day, highlighting the importance of family in the Salesian community.

Following the Holy Mass, an interactive get-together created a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Participants took the opportunity to introduce themselves, and engaging party games were organised, bringing joy and laughter to the gathering. A presentation highlighting the life of Don Bosco was also featured, providing valuable insights into the founder's values, principles and enduring legacy. The programme concluded on a festive note with lunch, allowing everyone to share in the joy of the occasion.