BIS #6606 Don Bosco Nashik Class 10 Farewell

by Diana Coutinho for BISMumbai

A grand Farewell ceremony was organized by the management, students of class 09, teaching and non-teaching staff of Don Bosco School Nashik, after the SSC board examinations, for the students of class 10 on 05 April 2022 at 12noon. School is the second home of students and the students are the heartbeat of the school. All the students of class 10 were present at the farewell ceremony.

The school assembly hall was beautifully decorated but there were somewhere the waves of sad emotions clinging everyone. The farewell function was presided over by Rector Father Royal D'abre and Principal Father Cedrick Sankul. The farewell function was started by invoking the presence of God. A blessed prayer service was done by Teachers and students of class 10. Father Royal and teacher Pallavi through their speeches blessed the students for their future endeavours and also encouraged them to practice the values of Don Bosco. The function was then preceded with a chorus song…. Pal pal har pal, Hum rahe ya na rahe kal, Aane wala pal jaane wal hai.

On behalf of the students of class 10, Eshwari Patil expressed her gratitude and appreciated the hardwork of the management, teachers and non-teaching staff in moulding them into better individuals. With a heavy heart and fond memories she also remembered the departed souls of our beloved teacher Jacklin and their colleague Aditya Wagh. The students of class 09 performed a dance on the beats of Saame, Kaccha Badam. The highlight was a power point presentation which added life to the function. Some students could not stop their tears. Towards the end of the farewell function, the students of class 10 were given water bottles. Vote of thanks was proposed by teacher Laxmi. The students enthusiastically participated in various games organized by the physical education teachers.

A blend of cosmic tune and divine music was seen through the mesmerising group dance of the students of class 10. The students were then served delicious snacks. The function ended with wishes of good luck shared by all. There was a lot of emotion and nostalgia as students took photographs around the majestic school building where they had spent their childhood.