BIS #6350 DRISTI Kapadvanj COVID-19 outreach crosses 10K

by Father Mayank Parmar for BISMumbai

DRISTI Don Bosco organised 'Ukala' [an herbal drink-concoction] distribution campaign in its outreach villages in collaboration with the Kapadvanj Ayurvedic Hospital together with volunteers, Asha-workers, and SHG leaders. In the past 02 months of April and May 2021, thsi outreach has managed to cater to 10,000 people in 14 villages. The local Sarpanch the respective villages, granted a 'letter of permission', which was then submitted to the Ayurvedic Hospital. The hospital provided the raw-material with instructions for making the 'ukala'. The ukala was prepared in the village and then distributed.

Likewise, through the intervention of the Society of Jesus-Gujarat, 12 oximeters, 12 thermal-gun s and sanitizers, have been provided to to the volunteers, Asha-workers and staff, who in turn check the pulse level, temperature and ensure that people with high temperatures, receive tablets. This has become routine in the villages for the DRISTI staff, volunteers and Asha-workers.

Also, the MumbaiSalesians' Province Planning and Development Office [PDO] Don Bosco Development Society, ensured that masks and sanitizers are distributed in the villages, especially to the most needy poor and needy. Furthermore, DRISTI procured thermometers, hand-gloves, and masks for the rural poorpeople to stay safe during the 'second wave'. DRISTI also collected the names of 75 people who died of COVID-19, from which 31 who have lost their lives, had all the documents. These were referred to BOSCONET for monetary compensation-aid. Families of all of the 71 deceased, have been referred to the Government schemes as applicable and also those who had bank-insurance are assisted to file for claims.

DRISTI is studyin newer possibilities of reaching out to the most poor and needy, through tie-up with likeminded others, seeking ways in which Asha-workers, Panchayat offices, and the local-Dairies could be aided to help rural patients, in the struggle against COVID-19.